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Some key takeaways from the Agri-PV and Floating-PV Summit in Rome!

The Summit was more than just presentations and panel discussions; it was a gathering of people passionate about a brighter, solar-powered future. We learned so much, exchanged ideas, and left feeling inspired.

It’s events like these that remind us of the exciting path ahead in the world of solar energy.

Constantin Klyk shared his thoughts on the panel discussion “How can Technology Support Agri-PV Growth: Best Practices & A Better Business Case”. Witnessing his perspective on the future of Agri-PV and the role of technology was inspiring. His talk highlighted the ways we can blend tech and farming to benefit both.

On the second day, Franz Krug took part in a panel discussion on the topic of “A Critical Look at Installation and O&M Safety in Floating PV projects”. His insights into the intricacies of safety within Floating PV installations were truly enlightening!

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